Songwriter /  Worship Leader / Evangelist

Kathleen's heart is to restore authentic worship to the Church: Worship that is fully grounded in God's Holy Word, to mentor communities to worship Jesus in Spirit and in Truth.  Her passion is for the Church to grow from a broken place to restoration -- that a well-spring of love, healing and community can emerge.  Kathleen is focused - she is after God and invites you to join her as a guest with your community.

Kathleen's Story:  Called to Love

It all began in the early 1990’s when an energetic career minded woman abandoned careers in professional music and broadcast journalism to be Christ’s missionary.  While obedience seemed fitting to Kathleen, God revealed to her the face of Jesus through a homeless man. There, she saw her own brokenness; she encountered holiness wrapped in God’s unconditional love. From that moment, Kathleen’s life changed.

In the following years, Kathleen would spend bitter cold days and nights on the streets of St. Paul befriending homeless men and women, she would work alongside and within Christian communities, jails, prisons, recovery homes, hospices, hospitals and several nationalities within Israel and Europe. The fruit? Over her lifetime, thousands have come to Christ and others have grown closer in their walk. God revealed His love for her through working with the poor and further He revealed His heart for Israel (where she lived for a number of years). Kathleen learned to allow herself to share in the joy of God’s sovereign healing and yet the poverty of Christ’s sufferings. A river seemed to open to Kathleen, who then acquired even more compositions and creative means to express God’s love, healing and salvation.

Kathleen’s music is heard and respected internationally.  To date she has released several full-recordings, singles and audio teachings, books, articles, blogs and podcasts on the Christian Spiritual journey.

By 2008, Kathleen was blessed to see her music ministry expand. American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers awarded her efforts.   "Fly Free" landed #11 in the global CHR charts for top 100 songs of the year.  A few years later "So in Awe" was chosen by Pandora Radio and featured in their Genome Project.  Her project release "Coming Home" was nominated Contemporary Christian Album of the Year along with a song from that album, "Hallelujah" as Contemporary Christian Song of the Year (Just Plain Folks).  Kathleen is encouraged by the recognition but she is focused on the mission; to impact lives and introduce them to Jesus Christ.

Compassionate for people, Kathleen has a zeal to share God’s love and presence through her original music and testimony.  She continues to share her music in concert, worship leading & retreats. She can even be found ‘just playing the piano’ in cafes and hotel lobbies.

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